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Interested in the work I've been doing with the Flying Samaritans?

The Flying Samaritans organization, which has several thousand members throughout California and Arizona,  transports doctors and dentists down to Baja California to operate monthly medical clinics for the people in small towns and villages who normally do not have access to health care. I am a member of the Foothill Chapter of the Flying Samaritans and our group utilizes small privately owned airplanes to fly healthcare professionals to the small fishing town of Bahia de Los Angeles.

flying samaritans bahia de los angeles

The Samaritans on a mission

flying samaritans bahia california

Michael Saunders piloting the plane

We are always looking for volunteers, airplanes, and other resources to help the Flying Samaritans. If you are interested or would just like to track one of our missions via GPS, please email me.

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